Thoughts: I Love Dick

I Love Dick by Chris Kraus This was a fun book to carry around on the subway in New York. It’s also the kind of the book that if I hadn’t known previously that it was seen as some sort of feminist breakthrough, I might’ve been more amused, or less. Once I knew it was [...]


In Sebald’s book “Austerlitz” it isn’t until you’re more than halfway through that you find out what you probably knew a lot earlier, that Austerlitz left as a child during WWII, that whatever life he’d had before the war was gone, in reality, and in memory too. Only after unlayering the years of his childhood, [...]

Two Orlando stories

As it turned out I wrote two very different stories about Orlando this week. One about the past, one about the recurring present. For Timeline: In the 70s, Orlando’s gay bars catalyzed a community It’s a story that deserved to be told better. Which it was to some extent by the memory palace, in a [...]


That we’re aware of it (and by we I mean I) does not absolve us of signing away our lives. What has happened now that the childhood virtue, the long hours in rebellious books, is temptation and escape? Which is it? A life to take and take the best of music and wisdom and sentences, [...]

The exodus story

If you’re reading this (don’t worry it’s not too late) you’re probably someone who has come across an exodus story in your life. It’s the story of a religious person, preferably a Hasidic Jew, that finds the world, embraces it, and leaves their community. It makes for a great story. It’s amazingly American. The search [...]

Now that we know everything

Once, journalists knew some things, but not all things. So they reported on some murders, the ones that raised eyebrows. They wrote about some events around town, and some that happened far away. They wrote most stories about the unordinary and occasionally questioned the ordinary. Now we know everything. We know every murder in Los [...]