How to resist the algorithms (for free)

1. (obfuscation)

2. behave extra human

3. i.e. unpredictable

4. follow 5 accounts on twitter that you have no interest in, and maybe found out that you do

5. follow @breitbart for as long as you can stomach it

6. share your netflix account with a teenage boy (if you’re not a teenage boy)

7. listen to a new release on Spotify from an artist you’ve never heard of

8. use to pick from a list of ‘100 best albums’ — and stick to it

9. set your home on Google Maps to Myvatn, Iceland

10. go for a 30 minute walk without your phone

11. go to a bookstore (but not Amazon’s algorithmically curated one)

12. or library

13. ask an old person to for their favorite artist

14. or a young person

15. have cool friends (or make some)

16. for a more drastic measure, send your phone to Myvatn, Iceland

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