Faith 22

My problem with faith isn’t that it’s trite, or weak, or primitive.

I see the wisdom in it.
Let go. Stop trying to control everything. Submit, succumb, lie still for a moment and let G-d, or fate, or the universe do their thing.

My problem with faith is faith.
It’s like telling a depressed person that to heal they need to be happy, or an addict that to heal they need only to stop using.

If you’ve been hurt by someone you love, betrayed by someone you trusted or by an ideal in which you trusted, the casualty is your faith. In G-d. In humanity. In goodness. In truth.

So how can you turn to faith for comfort, or guidance?

You can’t. The solution is a change of expectations. Have faith in something different. In subjectivity. In anonymity. In the fragility and intangibility of being.

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