Hello. I am a journalist living in New York who has skipped at least 117 potential avocado-toast brunches in her life.

Things I’m thinking/writing about currently, as of 2017.  Adulthood, my grandmother, myself, statelessness, what’s left of privacy, the vagueness of moral instinct, how to identify the frames people use to understand the world and then subvert them.

This blog. It makes no promises and is rarely linear. It’s kind of stuck in 2008 in that way.

Manifesto, of sorts. For all those who think too much

Columbia Journalism Review
On Assignment
The Real Deal

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Contact me at chava.gourarie [at] columbia [dot] edu, or leave a comment.


  • Benyomin
    April 21, 2013

    Nice variety
    Keep writing
    And put something about yourself, maybe with a a picture

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